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DTS Craiova 2015, Week 1


My name is Emanuel and I am from Slatina, Olt. I would like to share with you what I learned from the first week of school at YWAM Craiova: together with my wonderful colleagues : Edera, Alex, Samuel, Dani and Lalo, we’ve studied the nature and character of God. There are many things we learned, for example that God is immutable, He doesn’t change.

Therefore, I understood that we can’t do anything to make Him love us more. God is omniscient, He knows everything; even if He knew before we will choose sin, God decided to create the world, preferring to have a group of people who serve Him willingly from their hearts.

I had a blessed week, I’ve learned many new things, and for certain will be more.

I’m very glad to be in this school.

Peace be with you!

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