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Iacov Ciobotea

– Prophecy and healing.
We spent a blessed week together with TPM Craiova together learning about prophecy and healing from Professor Gordon Van Veelen, from the Netherlands.
People turn to the prophets, or to a selective reading of the Bible, because they no longer know how to distinguish the voice of God. All the miracles Jesus did have relied on communication with the Father. To hear the voice of God, we must enter into a state of peace with Him. Only in this peace can we act, we can hear His voice, and we can distinguish His will in regard to our lives. It is the sin that interrupts communication with God, and the Holy Spirit is the One who restores communication. By restoring communion, we can hear the voice of God and know His heart. It is the fullness of the Holy Spirit that empowers us to work, to proclaim the gospel. The Person of the Holy Spirit can not be divided, so every believer who receives the Holy Spirit receives it fully and is qualified to go into His power to prophesy, to heal, and to boldly proclaim the Good News. It is not God’s will for us to be confused, we have a status, an identity, a mandate.
God wants to give us revelation, and this is not the result of logical thinking. To receive revelation, we must stop thinking about problems and solutions. We need to enter into the peace of God, stop us from our running and let God speak to us, remove the confusion of our lives. Having things clear in our hearts, we will be able to act with accuracy, in obedience to the Father, and as Jesus brought forth only a man out of the tomb (though there were many graves and many dead men in them), so we could act strictly upon the guidance of the Holy Spirit, be it the gospel, the prayer for the sick, or the prophecy.
The desire of my heart is to say (one day), like Professor Gordon: “I have no question. I have no confusion! “
God help us with this!
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