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DTS CRAIOVA 2017, week 8

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Anca Iulia Teodorescu

-The subject of this week was an overview of the Bible. I had the opportunity to understand more clearly the connection between the events that took place in the past from Adam to the Gospel and the apostles. Through the creative methods used by the teachers, we were able to discover the historical world of the Bible, actively witnessing the way in which God has led his salvation plan to the end. For example, we have talked about the tabernacle God commanded the Jews through Moses to build, in order to offer atonement for their sins. For the people to live, after they were committing sins, animals without blemish were to be sacrificed, and the curse of sin was transferred upon them. But the blood of these animals did not have the power to wipe out their sins because every year there was a need for bloodshed. God came with a supreme solution to escape once and for all from the curse of sin. His solution was His beloved Son Jesus Christ. He was the Sacrificial Lamb for our sins by taking upon Him all our guilt through the holy blood that that was shed on the cross. And not just that !! The curtain of the temple separating the Holy Place of the Most Holy Place was broken in two, and now we have free entrance to God the Father, in the presence of His glory. How wonderful!!! Blessed be our Lord!

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