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DTS CRAIOVA 2018, Evanghelism and discipleship


During this week about Jesus and the Cross, one of the main things that I learned was that because of Christ’s death, not only were believers reconciled to God, but also those who don’t yet believe! “When we were still God’s enemies, we were reconciled to Him through the death of His Son.” Romans 5:10. I’ve heard this verse a million times before, but I never realized that alienation from God was removed even for everyone who think they reject God. Yes, they’ll still have to do their part and accept this truth, but from God’s side, they’re no longer enemies! They’ve been reconciled already! What an incredible and hopeful truth.

It also struck me how we often underestimate the power of the Gospel and Jesus Christ. When that’s the case, we can become so indifferent and apathetic. But the measure to which we know Christ, is the measure to which we’ll walk in God’s fullness. This gives me such a longing to know Christ more deeply!

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