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DTS CRAIOVA 2018, Father Heart of God, identity

Flavie Jomini

On the 5th week of DTS we studied about the father heart of God, with our teacher Helga Nuernberger. We realized that often the way we perceived God the father can be twisted by our own experience of an earthly father. Some people may have experienced an authoritative father, others an absent father still others a father with too high expectations. That might have influenced their behaviors and the way they perceived themselves. In order to grow in the understanding of who God is, we need sometimes to go through a process of healing and forgiving. Then, God can remodel our vision of Himself as a good father. The different areas of misconception about God the Father could be about authority, trust, values, affection, presence, acceptance or communication. Often people don’t want to obey God because they somehow have a wrong perception of the character of God. However, if we believe that He is good, then we can obey Him with trust. God wants to give his children the good things on the right time in order for them to grow. As missionaries, when we want to share the Gospel around us, we should be aware of the fact that some people might have a twisted image of God and a twisted image of themselves. We are called to be tools in God’s hands to help people find their true values in front of God’s loving eyes.

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