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My name is Emanuel, I’m 22 and I’m from Slatina. Even though I had returned to the Lord for a few years and went to church regularly, I was not vey involved in the ministry. I wanted to do something more for Him but I didn’t know how to get started. Someone said to me, “To go a mile you have to start with the first step!”

This thought was always growing in my mind, especially when I saw the life example of my good friends. I saw so much passion in them and a desire to share the gospel with every person they met.

I heard about the Discipleship Training School from Craiova(DTS) from a girl from my church, Flory, and I signed up for it.

It was the first step and the wisest decision! I came to know Him more and learned how to make Him known effectively!

I want every day to confess Christ to at least one person!

“Passion is the first step towards fulfillment.” J. Maxwell

Name:    Florica Emanuel Mustata

Ron:       RO15INGB0000999905785042

€    :        RO46INGB0000999905785066




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