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Facilitating the development of education among Roma children through evangelism and literacy so that they become powerful resources through which God can bring transformation and redemption to the younger generation.


In order to fulfill the vision, we commit ourselves to:

  • we have regular meetings twice a week with the children when we create the context to learn how to write and read through educational activities
  • we promote Christian values by presenting Bible lessons, songs, learning to keep the boundaries, honesty
  • we assist the parents in the process of enrolling the children in the school and we watch their continuity
  • We have solidarity activities through which we invited the community to help one another (general cleaning throughout the community, hygiene training activities, etc.)
  • we assist families in taking care of basic needs (clothes, food, practical help)to develop trusting relationships with families through regular visits.

Objectives for the following period:

  • To have a building that we can use to carry out the proposed activities for the purpose of community development.
  • To organize camps for Roma children that will help them to know the discipline within an organized group.
  • To expand as a team by forming a large group of established volunteers
  • To see the children of 7 years integrated into the normal school starting with the next school year
  • To prevent unhealthy relationships among teenagers through one-on-one meetings and in groups.
  • To form a house group with the families in the community through regular monthly meetings in when we can hear our needs and support each other in prayer.


  • Prayer for the team and the community
  • Finances for the land, the current rent, educational activities, snacks, volunteers
  • Training for the team
  • A car for the ministry
Total 10000€


Asociația Tineri Pentru Misiune Craiova

„donation for the literacy program”





Banca Transilvania,

Bloc 1, Bulevardul Oltenia 50, Craiova, 400027


„donation for the literacy program”

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