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  • To interact with the girls to present the gospel to them
  • To do discipleship in such a way that their life is changed and they grow in their spiritual maturity
  • To learn Christian Principles and Values
  • To learn how to relate and socialize well with the people around them.
  • To be relised forim the persistent blockages, painful memories, or any hurt and resentment by knowing their identity in Christ
  • To optimize their behavior, training themselves in communication and relationships skills
  • To learn to make decisions regarding lifestyle changes, in order not to go to prison again.

Target group

girls from the Detention Center for juveniles and young people Craiova (approx. 15 girls).


  • Weekly meetings in the penitentiary
  • Presentation of thematic lessons: Who is God; How to pray; How to make good decisions; What is the purpose in life ….
  • Recreational activities: mime; interactive games; board games;
  • Organizing evangelistic events in the penitentiary
  • Worship through music.

Methods, techniques, tools used:

  • exposure
  • explication
  • the exercise
  • brainstorming
  • group discussions
  • case study
  • individual study
  • individual worksheets.
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