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This policy applies to all categories of users and systems accessing and browsing https://tpmcraiova.ro/, including but not limited to visitors, post commenting, people who access content reserved for subscribers following registration on the site , email subscribers, content distributors, robot automated software, etc. By accessing and browsing this site, you agree to the terms and conditions of use described below.

The purpose of tpmcraiova.ro

The content of the site is intended to provide information on the various activities of Youth With a Mission Craiova, but not only.

Use of information

Most of the information on this site is publicly distributed, with the exception of student registration forms in DTS or other types of forms. Information and documentation using the content of the site, as well as the taking over, application or implementation of ideas presented in articles, pages or other materials, must be made taking into account the following aspects:

  • site users are fully responsible for using the information presented and this involves using them at their own risk; tpmcraiova.ro can not be held responsible for any damages resulting from the use of the information contained;
  • ro does not encourage users to use the information or materials they have not understood, nor to apply them for illegal purposes and / or activities; all information on the site is distributed for informational purposes, for individual use – does not fall within the sphere of action or manifestation of others without their consent;
  • Inappropriate use of information may have a negative impact. tpmcraiova.ro recommends the use of information only to the extent that the user considers it beneficial;
  • on this site there are references to external websites whose content may change over time; they may undergo changes; that is why tpmcraiova.ro can not guarantee that a site is safe at a certain moment, but only when it was published on the site of a link that refers to a site, it was safe from the point of view of security.

Intelectual property

All texts on this site, except for fragments of text that specify an external source, are the exclusive property of YWAM Craiova, the owner of tpmcraiova.ro and are protected by copyright and related rights legislation. Instead, not all the images and videos on this site belong to YWAM Craiova, but only those that have a visible but authentic association with this site.

Other considerations related to intellectual property rights:

  • the name “tpmcraiova.ro” and the logo associated with the site are the exclusive property of the YWAM International. And may not be used in any way without the prior written consent of the owner.
  • when new content appears on the site, it becomes the property of tpmcraiova.ro, except for external elements such as banners and advertisements;
  • the site owner reserves the right to take any action deemed necessary or desirable in relation to all aspects of the site, its form, content and functionality;
  • the continuum not created by the site owner, for example comments, must respect the intellectual property rights of the published information and materials, this responsibility being attributed to the authors of the comments.


It is forbidden:

  • the marketing of the information / materials attributed to this site, or by any other identifying element with the site, such as: tpmcraiova.ro, site logo, slogans (“To know God and make Him known!” etc .;
  • attempting to interfere by any means with the content of the site and its associated elements, for example, deleting or modifying published materials, and attempting to do so;
  • partial or full-site multiplication of the site and offline storage, without the written consent of the site owner;
  • copying and distributing or publishing articles on another site, publication, or group of readers without the explicit written consent of the author; but text fragments can be retrieved only within the maximum 300 words, and only by specifying the source (tpmcraiova.ro);
  • removing items that are intended to associate a text, image, or other material with the tpmcraiova.ro site.


Visitor rights and restrictions

Visitors have the right to benefit from the information on the site and have the opportunity to express their opinion by posting comments (they will be moderated and filtered), distributing articles on social networks, contact the site administrator for any questions about the site, suggest articles or themes, and subscribe to news via e-mail. Visitors to the site must also comply with the following rules:

  • to respect property rights as described above;
  • not to post on this site any messages or materials that are abusive, illegal, discriminatory, obscene, harassing, threatening, vulgar, racist, offensive or defamatory to individuals and / or organizations, with potentially harmful, inherent, behavioral illegal or inconsistent with the stated purposes of this site, above;
  • not to post advertising or commercial messages containing recommendations for the sale or purchase of a particular product or service;
  • not to disclose personal confidential information or other persons or organizations or companies;
  • not to initiate or perform actions such as cracking, hacking, phishing or spamming the site.
  • post only comments written correctly in English, related to the subject of the article or the page, in a decent language.

The owner of tpmcraiova.ro reserves the right to moderate, filter and remove any comments that do not comply with these rules at any time without the author of the comments being notified or notified in advance or later. In addition, posted messages become part of the blog’s blog.


Rights and responsibilities of tpmcraiova.ro

In addition to the rights already mentioned in this regulation, the right to delete, edit and move content, including comments, is based on the owner’s considerations. Also, tpmcraiova.ro can not be held liable for any of the following:

  • violation of visitor restrictions (above) by visitors or users;
  • the occurrence of damages of any kind that may arise from the use of the site and the services provided through it or the impossibility of using them;
  • site information or materials are no longer current or are erroneous;
  • the loss of information caused by certain malfunctions of the programs that provide the site’s operation and the security breaches of the company hosting the site or other services used on the site (email, etc.).

Unfortunately, no data transmission over the Internet can be guaranteed to be 100% safe. Consequently, despite the steps taken to protect your personal information, tpmcraiova.ro can not guarantee the security of the information you submit, so the transmission of information will be at your own risk.



Using cookies on tpmcraiova.ro

This site uses cookies to provide services and analyze traffic. If you use this site, you agree to the use of cookies.

Final provisions

The terms and conditions of this site may be changed at any time, without prior or prior notice, and shall take effect upon their publication on tpmcraiova.ro. Therefore, it is recommended to periodically read them or if there is a warning message in about this.

The information presented on this page is valid for tpmcraiova.ro but also for any existing subdomains.

Accessing and using this site implies acceptance of the terms and conditions, cookie policy, and privacy and data protection policy.

By agreeing to this “Terms and Conditions” document, users assume the full potential risks.

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