YWAM, second year in SW of Romania

We are a community of missionaries, that are helping people from this region to know God and to fulfill their calling, bringing transformation in society and in other nations from the Balkans!

We are dependent on God and dedicated to prayer, evangelism, youth discipleship, equipping leaders and workers, to mobilize for missions, mercy ministries and church planting.

Our team,  grew this year to 11 people after Solange, a misionary from Brasil joined and then Larisa from YWAM Medias, she married our colleague Sami.

Renovations: After the last year’s flood in our basement, the owner was willing for some renovations, and the double garage was transformed into an apartment, right before Sami and Larisa came here. Now the challenge is to buy furniture for the apartment.

The ProMission conference:  After the ProMission conference from Craiova the young people of Craiova have donated for mission in India, some of them joined the ProMission Festival. A girl went in Jordan and another one (Rebeca) went with a team in Bacau.


The ProMission Festival is organized every month in August by YWAM Medias ( where the formation of the founders of YWAM Craiova were formed as missionaries) with the purpose of motivating young Romanians, to experience the short term mission. We as partners of this project we send people as participants or leaders in 4 teams of outreach.

* Oltenia (South West of Romania): Cristina and Emanuel lead a team of 7 young people. They served in Slatina, Valeni and Craiova through children’s ministry, street evangelism and visiting poor families.

Bacau: Willy and Rebeca lead the team to Bacau. Flory joined them and with other 5 people they served in Darmanesti, Targu-Ocna and Comanesti through children’s ministry, street evangelism, practical things, medical project.

* Mobile Team: Daniel and other 6 people served in Galati, Viisoara and Sighisoara through practical work, visiting families and children ministries.

* Republic of Moldova: Sami together with other 5 people served in children camps, children’s ministry, serving in Churches.


Teams in Craiova

* A team fro YWAM Costanta, a team of young teenagers. They organized a Vacation Bible School in a local church, but also got involved in practical service.

* A team of families came to bless the local families through teaching and activities for the entire family. They organized an event of encouraging the family. The event took place in a local church for approximately 13 families. The same event was also organized in Piscu Vechi ( a village in this county Dolj) for approximately 15 families.



A team of young people from the Pentecostal Church from Medias came to bless Oltenia through songs with the band, intercessory prayer, serving in village churches.

Their service wasn’t only an encouragement for the people but also for themselves.  

* The team from YWAM Viena blessed us by coming the second time in this region. They served the homeless people, helping a man to get to the hospital where his foot was amputated because of the infection, this saved his life. After that together with our team they found him a place to live. They also served in a construction project, street evangelism, encouraging the local churches.

YWAM Medias send the students of the School of Biblical Interpretation. They served the local community through teaching for children, youth and adults.


We send 4 people from YWAM Craiova to serve in the football camp organized by YWAM Medias. Their purpose was to learn and to bring this kind of camp in Oltenia.We lived presios moments’ like hearing a teenager saying: “From now on I want to be part of Jesus’s team”.

The National Conference of YWAM Romania was an opportunity to reconnect and refresh. We celebrated together 25 years of YWAM Romania. The theme was: “more, further,better”.




Second edition of Discipleship Trainig School – DTS.

Every autumn we organize this school to help the students to know God and to make Him known specially in this spiritually arid area and not only here.

We had 4 Romanian students and one American. Besides the classic curriculum the focus was on prayer and evangelism. Experienced teachers and missionaries spoke about: Father Heart of God, Jesus Christ, Holy Spirit, Hearing God’s voice, etc.The students were able to experience in a personal way God’s promises in a new context and develop the gifts and abilities. After 3 months of preparation they went in outreach in Oltenia, Macedonia and Bulgaria. The graduation closed with celebrating God’s faithfulness!


The Feast of Tabernacle: During the DTS we all went to Medias together with other missionaries from YWAM Europe. This celebration takes place every year. It is a time of focusing on God through worship, intercession and fellowship.

Christmas presents for rroma children: During Christmas we were really busy. God blessed us with a lot of opened doors to serve in Craiova. We received presents from churches in Spain, Germany and Cluj. Besides the packages, a team of 6 young people from ELS Ministries – YWAM Cluj came to serve here. They blessed a children’s group from Oboga ( a village from this area) and from a hospital with physical and mentally disable children.

We also reached approximately 100 children in Romanescu neighborhood and in the village called Valeni.

The event from the Philharmonic and caroling: we organized a concert that had the purpose to bring unity among the churches and reaching out to the people of Craiova. God showed His grace and 80 young people from different churches came together and praised God’s name. Approx. 80% of the people present were for the first time exposed to the Gospel through: songs, drama and biblical message. They were invited by the young people that sang in the coir.

Besides all of this joys we went also through sufferings: Flory’s grandpa and Ema’s mom died in that week and a church that was close to Willy burned. In spite of all of these we felt God supporting us.

The coir went on the streets of Craiova and the mall, bringing the good news of the Gospel through caroling.


Retreat: After the outreaches from Macedonia and Bulgaria and the end of the DTS we went with the team at Olanesti Baths for a time of refreshment and team-building.


Church Planting Seminar: Last month we rejoiced to organized a seminar led by Gerald Braga. He is a YWAM missionary from Brazil. Besides our team other 5 people from the local churches attended the seminar. This seminar encouraged us a lot and our desire is to act and start church plant movement in Oltenia.



The next preojects:

August: we are joining our colleagues from YWAM Medias at the ProMission Festival. After a week of preparation teams will be sent out in : Oltenia, BAcau, Republic of Moldova, Jordan, Kenya, India, Greece. (There are still available spots for every location.)

* The third edition of the Discipleship Traing School in Craiova starting with 15th od September.

For details and application, click here



Financial support

Finding a bigger house (renting or with buying perspective)

Recruiting more students for the Discipleship Training School from october.

Development of the church planting project and of other ministries.


How can you be involved:

Financial support: for the missionary team, administration for the mission center, different materials

Be a prayer partner

Come and serve short term

Internship: administration, secretariat, kitchen, evangelism, conferences/seminars, medias: communication/advertising/website

*  Partners in projects: church planting, community center, homeless people, literacy classes


Prayer points:

Unity, guidance, faith, protection, open doors for evangelism

* More disciples and missionaries for Oltenia and The Balkans

* More supporters commited in prayer and financial suport


Asociația Tineri Pentru Misiune Craiova

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Leadership team YWAM Craiova

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