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I am from Cahul, Republic of Moldova. Since I was a teenager, I liked working with the young generation. During college God challenged me to invest in myself to know how to interact better with them and how to present Jesus to this group of people. In 2014 I did the Discipleship Training School in the Republic of Moldova, and then God called me to be a long-term missionary.

After 3 years of mission in Moldova I was challenged to move to Romania for a short time, after which I understood that God wants me here for a longer time. So I stayed to work with YWAM Craiova. Here I am involved in the ministry of the penitentiary for young people and minors, in the organization of the DTS, translation and other ministries. I feel honored to be in partnership with God and my team in serving South of Romania and beyond.



Ron: RO79BTRLRONCRT363725801

€     : RO79BTRLEURCRT363725801



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