Bogdan Family

The Proof of God's Providence

We are Mihai and Ema, we have two children and we work with Youth for Mission since 2008 and 2009. Together or separately we have been on short term missions in Romania, Macedonia, Moldova, Serbia, Ukraine, Turkey, Egypt, Uganda, Kenya, India and Jordan. At the YWAM base we were involved in: administration, evangelism, discipleship, preaching, worship, bible study, teaching, financial support and leadership.

Ema: From Sibiu, where she practiced 12 years of gymnastics and she was double national champion. All these years of sport have made Ema a fighter. “… God sought me and took me from the midst of a life lived without purpose and direction. One year after returning to God, I said that I want to tell the whole world about what God did in my life, so God opened a door for me and I came back from Spain to Romania to do the Apprenticeship School and a 5 month mission to Mediaş. This was the beginning of my involvement in the mission.”

Mihai: From Bihor, raised by biblical principles, both in the family, in the church, but also in the high school. He studied mathematics and theology. “In the Christian high school, we were part of a fellowship group, where we were informing about the missionaries and praying for them. One day, the coordinating pastor challenged us to pray not only for missionaries, but to find out if the Lord even calls us on mission work. I accepted the challenge, and the Lord spoke to me and gave me a strong desire to share the Gospel of the unsaved people in Romania and other nations. I wanted to dare great things with my so great God and I did not want to limit it by unbelief, because Jesus told John that whoever believes in Him will do even greater things than He did.

We help people around us to know God and to fulfill their calling.

Prayer Points: wisdom, living faith, health, protection, good relationship, many disciples.


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Bogdan Mihail


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